Touch Up Tuesday

I know this image is also a part of my christmas photos, but I love it so much I wanted to touch it up a bit more!


After touch up, I brightened the photo, changed the contrast, and added a difuse glow layer.

Christmas Part Two and Three

What a weekend it has been, three full turkey dinners and the triptafin is sure hitting us. Peyton and Ethan feel asleep at six o'clock today from all the excitement of the last three days! Peyton suprisingly was more excited about what was going on then we had expected her to be. She loved watching Ethan tear open his gifts, and when we opened a gift for her she would stop watching him and stare intently at her new gift, it was hard not to feel her furustration that she could not move on her own towards the toy. Peyton loves playing with toys, I cannot wait until she is strong enough to sit on her own and watch her play with Ethan more.

This year Ethan asked for Thomas the train, so we told EVERYBODY so that he would get a great start to his new collection. It was so much fun to see him go wild on the presents and get excited over and over for what was under the pretty christmas wrap. Ethan was so excited that he barely ate anything over the last three days. I know that Ethan is a very picky eater to start with but I thought for sure he would want to sit with the family at least once, but no he just wanted to play, I can only assume he is alright as his energy did not fade at all until tonight.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! XOXO from Amber, Jason, Ethan, And Peyton!

Christmas Eve {Dinner One Of Three}

The four of us have three turkey dinners over the holiday weekend, and while our first dinner is not for about ten hours I could not wait any longer to put Peyton into her very first party dress! I loved putting Ethan into the little man suits, this year however he wanted to pick out his own Christmas outfit, another sign of becoming more independent. Which I am still unsure if I am happy or sad about. I am glad that he is able to do so much on his own, but a little sad that he does not need me as much as he did a year ago. Merry Christmas everyone!

Steppin' Out Sunday

Today's steppin' out was taken on our way to a birthday party for one of Ethan's friends.

Blazer - Rag and Bone
Tops - Smart Set and Alfred Sung
Jeans - Holt Renfrew
Shoes - Joe
Necklace - Stella and Dot

Jacket and Sweater - Zellers
Shirt - Joe
Pants - Toys r' us
Shoes - Joe

Feeling the Mean Reds Coming On

This week has been a crazy week. Between our fridge breaking down, Ethan behaving so out of the norm, and Peyton getting a very high temperature out of no where I feel my inner Holly Golightly calling me to Tiffany's. I can completely understand why going to Tiffany's calms her right down. Just the very sight of the building can make my heart jump for joy. Entering its big grand doors greeted by a rather burly but lovely door man and seeing all the smily assistants always lifts my spirits instantly. Now everything there is a little out of my price range, but it never stops me from looking. On our wedding day however my husband did surprise me with a wedding band that came out of a little blue box! Maybe I'll get lucky and have another little blue box under the tree for christmas? A girl can dream right?

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly

Tiffiany's 2010 ad campaigns. So beautiful and magical ahh love love!

Wordless{ish} Wednesday

Ethan woke up this morning with some crazy hair so I had to capture it! I played around with the different filters in photoshop one of them is the Gaussian blur, I like the soft look it gives the photo. 

I increased the exposure and played around with the saturation.

With this photo I used the Gaussion filter.

The Five Month Switch

Peyton hit the five month mark yesterday, and with it something happened and she now seems to be a happier baby who actually enjoys sleep. I never thought I would say that I was happy to have been able to sleep five hours! However going from not sleeping at all day or night to that, I am going to look at it as a postitive thing. While I was excited about Peyton's issue with sleep looking better, she also surprised me by being happy to play on her own. Don't get me wrong I would play with her all day everyday until she went to college if that's what she wanted, but its nice that I can now put her on the floor and she will gurgle, laugh, and wiggle. And oh does she like to wiggle, she has started the first stage in becoming mobile.

Five things I love about my five month old:

1. She moves her eyebrows to make and copy funny faces that we make with her.

2. She has special smiles just for Ethan

3. I love the way she hugs and tries to eat her bear.

4. To this day she still snorts when she cries or laughs.

5. When we let her sleep with us, she spreads out as much as she can, taking up what seems like half the bed.

Birthday Flowers

While my birthday is not for another two weeks, I went out tonight with my family for an early birthday dinner. Our family friends gave me this beautiful arrangement of flowers! I love recieving flowers. I don't have just one favorite flower, I have a favorite flower for different moods that I am in. But in general I have a big love for peonies.