Christmas Part Two and Three

What a weekend it has been, three full turkey dinners and the triptafin is sure hitting us. Peyton and Ethan feel asleep at six o'clock today from all the excitement of the last three days! Peyton suprisingly was more excited about what was going on then we had expected her to be. She loved watching Ethan tear open his gifts, and when we opened a gift for her she would stop watching him and stare intently at her new gift, it was hard not to feel her furustration that she could not move on her own towards the toy. Peyton loves playing with toys, I cannot wait until she is strong enough to sit on her own and watch her play with Ethan more.

This year Ethan asked for Thomas the train, so we told EVERYBODY so that he would get a great start to his new collection. It was so much fun to see him go wild on the presents and get excited over and over for what was under the pretty christmas wrap. Ethan was so excited that he barely ate anything over the last three days. I know that Ethan is a very picky eater to start with but I thought for sure he would want to sit with the family at least once, but no he just wanted to play, I can only assume he is alright as his energy did not fade at all until tonight.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! XOXO from Amber, Jason, Ethan, And Peyton!