The Five Month Switch

Peyton hit the five month mark yesterday, and with it something happened and she now seems to be a happier baby who actually enjoys sleep. I never thought I would say that I was happy to have been able to sleep five hours! However going from not sleeping at all day or night to that, I am going to look at it as a postitive thing. While I was excited about Peyton's issue with sleep looking better, she also surprised me by being happy to play on her own. Don't get me wrong I would play with her all day everyday until she went to college if that's what she wanted, but its nice that I can now put her on the floor and she will gurgle, laugh, and wiggle. And oh does she like to wiggle, she has started the first stage in becoming mobile.

Five things I love about my five month old:

1. She moves her eyebrows to make and copy funny faces that we make with her.

2. She has special smiles just for Ethan

3. I love the way she hugs and tries to eat her bear.

4. To this day she still snorts when she cries or laughs.

5. When we let her sleep with us, she spreads out as much as she can, taking up what seems like half the bed.