My Best Shot

A couple of weeks ago when I did the Bella Blossoms give away I recieved so many wonderful and encouraging comments about one photo in particular and how I should think about submitting it in a contest or to a magazine. Well I finally have done it! I entered the photo in the Paper Mama's (No we are not attatched, Chelsea does make beautiful invites and amazing paper crowns though. I will share the story of how I came up with Paper Heart Photography in another post sometime.) your best shot challange.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to do something with this shot!

The Paper Mama

Its that time again, the votes have all been re-set to 0. We would love to be in the top 50! If you could give the owl on the left a click it would really make my day. I get so excited seeing how well the blog is doing!

Thank you for all the votes so far!

xoxo Amber
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